Client Questionnaire

Wedding Day Details
Local Guests Only.
The total number of guests travelling in for the wedding.
What type of ceremony will you be having: *
Please state your wedding ceremony location preference: *
Please take the time of year into consideration (i.e. winter/summer sunsets)
The Wedding Reception
Describe the style of wedding you would like: *
Invitations & Stationery
Please tick off the ones you will need assistance with: *
(i.e. Seafood, Indian, Fusion, Sushi, Oysters)
If so, how many? How strict are they with keeping to their religion?
Wedding Attire
Hair & Make-Up
The Wedding Cake
(i.e.; traditional, modern, fun, cupcakes, amount of tiers, décor on cake, fresh or artificial flowers)
If so, how many?
If so, how many?
If so, how many?
If so, how many?
If so, how many?
If so, how many?
(i.e., candles, light boxes, etc.)
The venue normally supplies the tables, chairs, cutlery & crockery. Décor specialists will be used to create your vision.
Entertainment & Music
(i.e., string quartet, traditional church music, etc.)
(i.e. Strings, Sax, Guitarist, African Marimba Band, Latin Band, Country, Rock, etc.)
Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer
Accommodation for Newlyweds, Wedding Party & Guests
(i.e. hotel, guest house, self-catering, villa, penthouse, etc.)