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The event industry is undoubtedly a fantastic one in which to work. You’re surrounded by creative and passionate people. It’s not for people who want to sit back and take it easy, but if the long hours and hard work doesn’t daunt you, you’ll be rewarded with the unique satisfaction that comes with brining a project from concept to fruition. 

If you are wondering how to get a foot in the door of the events industry – or perhaps you’re already in it and have ambitions to fast track to the top than you’ll be pleased to hear that Leigh Events offers Speaking Engagement Services with our keynote speaker Treasa Leigh Brown. 

Treasa has shared her experiences throughout her development in the event industry for over 5 years using Universities, College’s and conferences as her platform to speak to students and emerging event professionals. It has always brought her much joy to speak to an audience regarding events, networking, entrepreneurship, social media and personal experiences that have helped shape the Event Specialist she is today.

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As an Event Planner for over a decade Leigh Events has graced the pages of Wedluxe, Lavish Dulhan, Elegant Wedding, Munaluchi and Black Bride to name a few. Treasa Leigh Brown, started mentoring and coaching new and established event companies in 2012.

As one of the leading luxury Wedding Planners in the city Treasa is known not only for her professionalism and consistently high level of detail in planning and coordination, but also for her beautiful styling and event design expertise. Which she blends together flawlessly for clients at venues, hotels and private events.

Treasa first started mentoring and coaching after receiving so many emails and enquires from both new and up-and-coming event planners who were hoping to secure work experience, or looking for advice on how to attract more clients and grow their business. There Is no “one size fits all approach”, which is why Treasa’s business mentoring program is entirely bespoke to fit your individual requirements – from training and logistics, to social media and hands on experience offered through workshops.

It’s a rare opportunity for other Event Planners to exclusively learn and be inspired to reach greater personal success and the highest standard within the industry.

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